A modern, eco-friendly factory investing in research and development, producing the most innovative doors. We want our products to build the reputation of Poland on the international stage. We create valuable jobs, appreciating passion, commitment and inventiveness in people. We support the development of our region, and we want to be its trademark.


Polstar Doors is a Polish family company with beginnings dating back to the year 2006, when, after graduation, the founder of the company began his adventure with the door joinery industry and consistently gained experience and capital necessary for the implementation of the project.

Thanks to the vision and dreams of Tomasz Michalski from the small village of Czermno Kolonia, back in 2013 he made plans to build a door factory and promote a new brand on the market to be synonymous with quality and reliability in the industry and conquer European markets. The name of the brand was not incidental — Polstar’s aim is to build Poland’s reputation abroad.

In the year 2015 the company Polstar Doors was established and the process of construction of the factory, as well as the selection of suppliers of high-tech machinery for the manufacture of doors began.
This process was based on visits to over a dozen of manufacturers of machinery and equipment from all over the world. The auditors tested the capabilities of machines taking into account all stages of the complex production process. We selected the latest generation of German, Swedish and Turkish machines.

In July 2016 the Polstar door factory was opened and the guests of honor at the celebrations were the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Province and numerous local politicians. Our factory is a unique investment project in the Świętokrzyskie region. It is an exceptional place employing the best professionals. We take care of the unique work atmosphere and create social capital among the local community.

Our history is complemented with the Polstar logo, which refer to Poland in shape and symbolizes a wide-opening door.

We encourage you to purchase our products and promote our brand.