Polstar Production System - PPS

Since the beginning, our company has focused on the optimal satisfaction of the needs of our customers — both commercial partners and the end users. Therefore, we started to implement the modern production system based on Toyota’s philosophy. The construction of this system was based on three pillars:

·      Q – Quality

·      D – Delivery

·      C – Cost

The construction of a modern production system — the Polstar Production System was entrusted to persons for several years committed to the implementation of lean management in manufacturing companies in Poland, but also participating in international projects. The experience gained in the actual implementation of this system in the factory in Poland, with the participation of the guru in implementation of the TOYOTA system — Mr. Hitoshi Takeda, and participation in training and workshops e.g. in Germany (Festool Engineering) or Japan (Toyota, Omron) gives us hope that the road of development we chose will allow us to meet the growing demands of the market in terms of quality, delivery times and prices.

We have implemented organizational culture that allows us to participate in monthly workshops, not only in production departments, but also in the areas promoting sales. The Value Stream Mapping allows us to significantly reduce the time of delivery of the doors produced by us to the customer. Workshops in the production areas not only concern the topics associated with increases in productivity, but the main emphasis has been put on building quality in the process (QiP). By skillfully using simple tools (5Why, spaghetti diagram, standardized work sheet, One Point Lesson), we still improve the quality of our process, and thus the quality of our products.